Sign up to have your own video game character created. We are here to coach you through every aspect of the NIL game. 

Our team will make sure you are in the right position to capitalize on one of the biggest opportunities of your lifetime. 

Get In The Game

We turn you into a video game character! This hyper-realistic digital twin can be used in our games and in immersive brand experiences.

Low Effort

We can capture your likeness with just a few quick photographs and then everything else is on us. We create your character, market it to the fans and drive money to your bank account.

Get Paid

Every time a fan buys a pack with your character in it or a brand wants to use it for promotion, you get paid. These payments continue for as long as your character exists in the platform.


See transactions and track every dollar in real time. Have compliance-ready reports generated and sent to your athletic department automatically.

Crown U: Go!

Crown U: Go!

Visit locations and have experiences with your favorite athletes in Augmented Reality (AR). Collect autographs to unlock rewards. Unlock new game characters and gear, customize your players and build your roster for upcoming title releases like Campus Rumble!

Coming Soon

Crown U: Campus Rumble

Our second game release coming in 2024! A super hero sports battle royal game for the entire family. Pick your favorite athlete from any NCAA sport and compete to be the last player standing.