NIL has already evolved considerably since its inception and we anticipate more changes on the horizon.

We take the time to study the ecosystem and build relationships with a long term play in mind.


Our number one priority is to ensure we are operating within the rules and regulations of NIL.


We turn athletes into video game characters that make them money. Having a cool and unique platform gives you a decided advantage in your offering to new recruits.


We drive revenue back to your university by partnering for trademark licensing and for advertising.


There is no cost, no onboarding and no management effort for this program required from the university.


Track very dollar spent in your organization. See transactions in real time and have compliance ready reports generated and sent automatically.

Crown U: Go!

Crown U: Go!

Visit locations and have experiences with your favorite athletes in Augmented Reality (AR). Collect autographs to unlock rewards. Unlock new game characters and gear, customize your players and build your roster for upcoming title releases like Campus Rumble!

Coming Soon

Crown U

Our first game release coming in 2024! A super hero sports battle royal game for the entire family. Pick your favorite athlete from any NCAA sport and compete to be the last player standing.